Micro-Macrame Jewelry


Create your own beautiful Micro-Macramé jewelry! The kits contain complete color instructions, knot diagrams, cord, beads, & findings for each project. Our Starter Kit contains everything you need to learn, including a bracelet kit.

Starter Kit
Owl Earrings - Autumn Owl Earrings - Teal Owl Earrings - Black, Teal, Gold  
Owl Earrings - Autumn Owl Earrings - Teal Owl Earrings - Black,Teal,Gold  
Lacy Daisy Bracelet - Sage Green
Lacy Daisy Bracelet - Dark Pink
Renaissance Bracelet - Autumn
Double Rainbow Bracelet - Gold
Double Rainbow Bracelet - Black
Double Rainbow Bracelet - Teal
Double Rainbow Bracelet - Violet
Lotus Bracelet - Black/Pink/Blue
Lotus Bracelet - Olive/Teal/Peach
Lotus Bracelet - Pink/Orchid
Fiber Bead Bracelet - Lavender Fiber Bead Bracelet - Vinyard Fiber Bead Bracelet - Mudpie  

You'll also need these basic supplies (not included in kits): macramé board, quilting or sewing pins, crewel embroidery needle, scissors, clear nail polish, chain-nose pliers (earrings only), and "Fray Check" (optional- makes it easier to thread the beads).

The skill level required to do these projects is in the intermediate range. I recommend that beginning knotters acquire a working knowledge of macramé knots and complete some practice samplers/projects before attempting these kit projects.

Color Note - We have made every effort to represent the colors accurately. However, computer monitors vary and there may be slight differences in color reproduction. If you have any questions please contact us.

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