Micro-Macrame Jewelry


Download one or all of these fabulous patterns. They each have supply/materials lists, knot diagrams, step by step color photos, and clear & complete instructions. These patterns vary in skill level from beginner to advanced, but all will require basic knowledge of micro-macramé techniques. For the novice knotter, I recommend my book, "Micro-Macramé Jewelry, Tips & Techniques for Knotting with Beads", my DVD or both.

Micro-Macrame Jewelry ePattern

Micro-Macrame Jewelry ePattern

Micro-Macrame Jewelry ePattern Micro-Macrame Jewelry ePattern

Clover Leaf Earrings

These unique earrings require just a few basic knots and are easy to make. You can try some of the new large-hole beads and your choice of colors for your own interpretation.

Level - Advanced Beginner


Josephine Knot Necklace

This casual necklace featuring a Josephine Knot inspired centerpiece is lightweight, fun to wear and easy to make. Note: This pattern works best with Waxed Linen, not Nylon.

Level - Advanced Beginner


Pyramid Earrings

Create these fun casual earrings which feature a classic triangular shape that supports a beaded fringe. The fringe can be long or short, and feature whichever beads you fancy.

Level - Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Chinese Coin Earrings

These fun & easy earrings are designed using two knotted chain variations. Stone donuts can be substituted for the Chinese coins if desired.

This is a beginner project but requires some basic micro-macramé knowledge.

Micro-Macrame Jewelry ePattern

Micro-Macrame Jewelry ePattern

Micro-Macrame Jewelry ePattern Micro-Macrame Jewelry ePattern

Festive Fan Earrings

This unusual earring design reminded me of a flamenco dancers fan. The sample earrings are brightly colored but they also work well with a muted color palette.

Level - Intermediate


Charm Bracelet

My version of an old favorite doesn't require jump rings or pliers. This easy fiber design features a knotted chain as a base to dangle a fringe of delightful beads and charms.

This is suitable for all levels but requires some basic micro-macramé knowledge.

Swirl Brooch

This eye catching brooch is as fun to wear as it is to make. Choosing cord colors that range from lighter to darker tones creates a dramatic effect, however using just one color of cord looks great too.

Level - Intermediate
Note -Simple wire work is used in this project.

Butterfly Brooch

This whimsical micro-macrame´and wire Butterfly Brooch will brighten your day. Several different knotted chain variations make up the wings & hammered wire is used to form the base and the antennae.

Level -Intermediate/Advanced
Note - Simple wire work is used in this project.

Tularosa Bracelet

This pretty bracelet features a crisscrossing lattice of knotwork framing a bouquet of beads. A border of drop beads add a light finishing touch.

Level - Intermediate


Raindrop Earrings

Delicate and demure, these Victorian Era inspired earrings are relatively quick and easy to make. They're great to make as gifts for others and for yourself.

Level - Beginner and up

Owlet Earrings

Owls are by nature solitary & elusive creatures. But
macramé owls are the happy exception. Here is a recently
uncovered variety for you to make & enjoy.

Level - Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Climbing Vine Brooch

This unique micro-macramé brooch features interesting angles and twining beads that come together in a fanciful design.

Level - Intermediate

Note -Simple wire work is used in this project.

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