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Take a video class with well known artist and teacher Joan Babcock, and learn the secrets of making beautiful micro-macrame jewelry!

Each class comes with clear printable .pdf instructions that have step by step color photos and knot diagrams. Kits in various color palettes are also available for some of the projects. A complete supply list can be viewed on the introduction page for each individual class.

The classes vary in skill level, but they all require basic knowledge of micro-macramé techniques. If you are a beginner, be sure to take the Just the Knots class before trying any of the others. Or, you can learn the basics of micro-macrame from my book, "Micro-Macramé Jewelry, Tips & Techniques for Knotting with Beads", my DVD or both.

Micro-Macrame Jewelry eClass

Micro-Macrame Jewelry eClass Micro-Macrame Jewelry eClass

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Here you'll find details on everything you need to know in order to sign up, log in and watch your online video classes.

You can also view a brief sample video with a few short clips from various classes.The sample video enables you to check your computer's compatability and get aquainted with the online classroom format.

Just the Knots

Recommended for beginners and anyone who needs to brush up on their skills! In this introductory class you'll learn how to make all of the essential knots from the half hitch to the square knot.

A bonus ePattern (pdf download only) is included as a follow up project which combines several knotted patterns together with beads in a lovely bookmark.

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Fiber Bead Bracelet

Learn how to make this fun and contemporary bracelet that features a micro-macrame knotted and embellished "Fiber Bead". The "Fiber Bead" is the centerpiece of an multi-strand beaded bracelet that is quick and easy to put together.

•Kits in several colors are available for this project.

Skill Level - Advanced Beginner

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Macrame Lace Bracelet

In the Victorian era, delicate macrame was known as "macrame lace". This bracelet harkens back to another time with it's lacey look and feel. It is made with interlacing chains embellished with beads and has a button and loop closure.

•Kits are also available for this project.

Skill Level - Intermediate

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Star Mandala Earrings

These star shaped earrings have a circular bead opening at the center reminiscent of a mandala. This style is one of my personal favorites and I wear them often. They look great made up with a single cord color or with graduated shades (as pictured).

•Kits in several colors are available for this project.

Skill Level - Intermediate

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Madelyn Necklace

This elegant necklace has the lacey look of the Victorian era when fine macrame was very much in vogue. It is lightweight and easy to wear, and can be adjusted for the perfect length.The finished pendant size is 2.5" W X 6" L. The neck chain is 8" on each side but can be lengthened if desired.

Skill Level - Intermediate

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